Trial Lawyers for Complex Cases

Complex cases require trial lawyers with an enhanced tool set and a different perspective. Being a zealous advocate is important, but it isn’t enough.

Complex cases call for creative and strategic thinkers – trial lawyers who simultaneously see the mountaintops and the weeds, the forest and the trees.

Complex cases demand trial lawyers who have experience leading teams into high-stakes legal battles, and who never let today’s task list obscure their focus from the only question that matters – how are we going to win?

Complex cases require trial lawyers who use cutting-edge legal tools to control their clients’ legal costs.

Complex cases need trial lawyers who know how to simplify complexity.

Complex cases are not ordinary. Neither is our law firm. We invite you to learn more about SKIERMONT PUCKETT LLP.


News Updates

Donald Puckett Comments on Supreme Court’s “Abstract Idea” Decision in The Texas LawbookJune 2nd, 2015

The firm’s founding partner Donald Puckett was featured in The Texas Lawbook, offering analysis of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that further clarifies the patent rules governing the validity of induced infringement. In Commil v. Cisco, originally heard in federal court in the Eastern District of Texas, the Court overturned.... (more)